What does the Langara Students’ Union (LSU) do?

The Langara Students’ Union is the collective voice for # students. Incorporated in 1969, the organization serves to provide its members services that contribute to a positive college student campus life. Services includeassistance in student funding, on-campus events, and facilities and restaurant services conducted in the students’ union building.

What services does the LSU provide?

It provides core services such as the u-pass, Ombuds service, health and dental plan, bursaries, scholarships, a bike repair shop, annual tax clinic, agenda planners, locker rental and lounge seating in the building and much more. It also hosts annual events, seasonal celebrations, and advocacy services.

Where are we located?

In the Students’ Union Building located behind the “C” building.

What events does the LSU organize?

Welcome Day, Halloween, Diwali festival, International Women’s day, Ladies Glam Night, St Patrick’s Day, Summer BBQ, and our new regional series events highlighting the different regions of the world from where our members come from and more!

How can I get involved in becoming part of the student council?

Student body elections happen during the first initial weeks of the Fall Semester and students are encourages to get involved by attending the noted meeting times and adhering to the elections process. Please Click here

How can I get in touch with my elected student body officials?

If you have a concern or a great idea and want to discuss it with a member of the council, Click here

I am having issues with an instructor, what do I do?

Sometimes issues regarding instructors and instructional staff arise, and we have an inhouse ombudsperson who can help you in dealing with and resolving such issues. Click here

How do I appeal my grades?

To appeal your grades, please visit https://langara.ca/registration-and-records/resources/grading-and-withdrawals/final-grades.html to review the appeal policies and guidelines.

How can I become involved with events and campaigns?

You can get involved by becoming a volunteer, joining a committee that puts on events and campaigns or simply by coming on out to participate in our events.

I am putting on a campaign and looking to involve the LSU, how can I do so?

Get in touch with us by sending us an email to info@lsu.bc.ca and we can spring into action to making it happen.

How can I become a volunteer?

Click here to fill in a volunteer application form or drop by our front reception desk room (S109) to pick one up.

How do I join a committee?

Click here to join a committee or drop by our front reception desk room (S109) to join.

How can I apply for a bursary?

The LSU offers financial aid to Langara College students who meet the bursary criteria. This is done directly with the college. To apply for a bursary, please visit https://langara.ca/student-services/financial-aid/bursaries/ and fill in the bursary application form.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

The LSU offers financial assistance to Langara College students who meet the scholarship criteria. This is done directly with the college. To apply for a scholarship please visit https://langara.ca/student-services/financial-aid/scholarships/index.html and fill in the scholarship application form.
*NOTE: for #13 & #14, the exact links may change later according to the semesters. But we will like to link the College’s site to our FAQ’s.

Where can I get agenda planners?

Agenda planners can be obtained in the student union building free of cost. They are located besides the front reception desk room S109.

What is the community cupboard?

The Community Cupboard is a food bank program on campus that is run by Langara College. It provides non-perishable food items for students who are in need. Every month, the LSU contributes $36,000 annually towards this initiative.

How can I express my concerns or provide suggestions to the LSU?

Send us an email at info@lsu.bc.ca