Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Snehdeep Kang

Hi, I’m Sneh! I have a diploma in Health Sciences with a background in the medical field. This is my second term in the role of President, and as the leader of Council I manage to ensure the daily operations of the Langara Students’ Union run smoothly, engage on the forefront of events, meetings, and delegations, work in compliance with building and improving our polices, by-laws, and chair committees and sub committees, and act as the signing authority pertaining to finances. I am the chair of the Executive Committee. In addition, I serve on the hiring committee and respectively implemented and oversaw the collective bargaining agreement with the workers within the LSU. I am a member of the Alliance of BC Students organization and work to advocate for the interests of the students at Langara College in parliament by lobbying the provincial government. I was also a volunteer of the Langara Old Age Home.

My vision for the LSU remains to continue to provide an array of services to the student body. I have in the past and continue to do so in providing our members with fun filled events, the U-pass service, an enhanced and effective Health & Dental plan. My goals are to bring about active student engagement on campus, advocate to bring more awareness and solutions regarding global affairs and current student life issues faced by post-secondary students, and work closely with other organizations to effectively serve the student body with their concerns and interests as my top priority.

When I’m not on campus or out on a meeting, you can find me curled up on my couch reading up about law, legalities, and judiciary systems.

VP Finance
Gurleen Sidhu

My name is Gurleen and I am a 2nd year Kinesiology student at Langara College. As the VP Finance, I oversee and sign off on financial matters, overlook the budgeting and expenditure of our events and undertakings, and play a big role in putting on events.

In this role, my goals are to serve our members in an environment of respect, equality, and fairness while giving my 100% honesty and dedication. I am working to bring in more student involvement and connect them more actively to the LSU via events, annual general meetings, and direct contact through our committees.

If there is something I can’t do without, it’s green tea!

VP Student Life
Jashandeep Singh Brar

Hello, I’m Jashan and I am a Post-Degree Diploma student with a focus in Business Administration. I am also the manager of the South Asian Club at Langara College. As the VP of student life, I work to plan, organize, and execute events to make student life more fun and enjoyable for our members here at Langara College and act as a bridge between the student body and Council.

While my term on Council, my goal is to open doors to the students to provide more services, host workshops and info sessions, and actively work to promote the interests that benefit the student body. As chair of the Member Relations and Special Events Committees, I ensure our events are organized, oversee the budgeting, delegate tasks to the team, and monitor the events themselves.

Something random about me- I love words! Be it poetry, synonyms, or writing.

VP Internal
Simranjeet Singh

Hey everyone, you can call me Simran! I’m a final year student at Langara pursuing a diploma in Business Management. I have previously been affiliated with the LSU and their events as a volunteer. I am a member of the South Asian Club.

My role as VP Internal is ensuring the board of council is performing their delegated duties and tasks efficiently as we work together as a team in accordance to the policies, ethics, and code of conduct. I act as the primary lead on approved LSU advocacy campaigns, bring forward motions for approval to the Committees or Sub-committees on behalf of Council, and create and present activity reports to Council. On occasion I also serve as chair of Council and the chair of the International Community Development Committee (ICDC).I take on the role of organizer and errand runner in our events.

My goal as a member of Council is to advocate and spread awareness regarding students’ rights and build credibility to benefit the student community at the college.

I love incredibly long drives. My next drive- from Vancouver to Toronto!

International Students’ Representative
Harmandeep Toor

Hello, my friends call me Harman and I am a 3rd year Arts & Science student at the college. I migrated from India in 2015 and been a volunteer with the LSU since. I am also an active member of the South Asian Club at Langara College.

In my role on Council, I assist international students with general queries ranging anywhere from inviting them out to our events, recruiting volunteers, giving campus information, advising regarding classroom dynamics, adapting new school work changes, dish out which profs’ classes to take, and where to go get a tasty bite to eat outside of the campus. I also help students in providing them general information about work and study permits as well.

As an international student myself, I strongly understand the struggles and difficulties international students face and therefore I am able to work in introducing them with the LSU. I am the chair of the International Students’ Committee. My primary focus in my role is to ensure that these students make the transition to the Canadian way of schooling and post-secondary life in a smooth way.

I am a conversationalist and I can go on about anything and everything, so let’s chat!

VP External
Jasvinder Singh

Hello everybody, my name is Jasvinder! I am a Post-Diploma Degree student at Langara College and my education concentration is in Business Administration. I am the President of the South Asian Club and in conjunction with the Langara Students’ Union, we have done sold out events.

As the VP External I work to provide our members with programs, services, support, activities, advocacy, benefits and events while providing leadership in the areas of funding of, and access to Post-Secondary Education.

Due to my role being that of the VP External’s, I am also the chair of the Students’ Issues Action Committee (SIAC). As the chairperson, I work on campaigns to protect students’ interests on campus as well as in the larger environment.These include but are not limited to the promoting of lower tuition fees, demanding affordable housing strategies, and increasing grant funding from the provincial and federal governments. I also play a big role in the setting up of our events.

I love different fashion trends and shopping for the latest styles!

Diversity & Inclusion Representative
Harjot Grewal

Hi, my name is Harjot and I am a 2nd year Kinesiology student. I have been a volunteer of the LSU since 2015 and this is my second term on Council. I work outside of the students’ union as a supervisor as well.

My role on Council is that of the diversity and inclusion rep. I am the chair of three committees which include: Women’s Committee, Queer Committee, & UPOC. I advocate for women, the queer & LGBT community, and those from coloured backgrounds. My committees host activities and initiatives that creates a friendly and welcoming environment for those from diverse identities facing issues and those impacted by those with diverse identities based upon their race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, gender, & sexual orientations.

As the rep for diversity & inclusion, my sole purpose and work revolves around ensuring fairness, equality, and inclusion for those pertaining to the mentioned minorities. I want to highlight and create awareness regarding issues faced by these groups of people by hosting more workshops, forums, and bringing in key note speakers.

I love sea and lakeside views and often make treks to enjoy that beautiful scenery.

General Representative
Sukhroop Kaur

Hey everyone, my name isSukhroop! I am a graduate from the Guru Nanak Dev University with bachelors in Business Administration. With my business background in mind, I chose to pursue the Post-Diploma Degree Program at Langara to further my horizons in the study of business when I came to Canada in 2016.

On Council, my role is of a general representative. Therefore, I work to plan and put on events, vote on amending and changing policies, and am the chair of the United People of Colour (UPOC) committee. As chairperson, I work with our members in dealing with issues and struggles such as racism, cultural integration, and cultural identity issues that are faced by the coloured student body on campus.

I am addicted to Youtube and spend endless hours on it!

General Representative
Harsimrat Singh

My name is Harsimrat and I’m currently studying Business Management and working towards obtaining my diploma. I have been volunteering with the LSU for two years prior to running on Council.

As a general rep, I work to regulate or change policies as required, help in putting on events, run errands during our events, and also a member of the International Community Development Committee (ICDC).

My aim in this role is to bring awareness to the members about the Langara Students’ Union and have them take advantage of our benefits, events, and services. I look forward in promoting to our members a fun filled college life experience while promoting a work-life balance.

In my spare time, I like to write poetry and compose song lyrics in Punjabi.

General Representative
Navjot Warring

For those who do not know me, my name is Navjot! I am a 2nd year Business Management student. I have been volunteering with the LSU before I decided to run for Council.

As a general representative my tasks include putting on events collectively with the team, actively engaging with students on the forefronts during events promoting the association, and doing the heavy lifting.

My goals while working for the LSU include; implementing successful policies to yield better services, putting on bigger and a wider variety of cultural events, and hosting info sessions regarding personal safety, martial arts, and lifestyle skills.

If you ever see myself sitting in the students’ union building or the Caf smiling with a coffee in my hand, come drop by and say hi and we can talk 🙂

General Representative
Parmeet Kaur

Hello, my name is Parmeet! I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce and am currently pursuing the Post-Diploma Degree in Business Administration. I also volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Prior to running for Council as a general representative, I have been a volunteer with the LSU. I am the chair of the Environmental Committee and a member of the Women’s Committee. Along with our team, I have worked to organize events and promote our current services to our members. I also serve as emcee at our events.

Coming to the future, I want to make students aware of all the services the students’ union provides so they can utilize them to their utmost benefit. I would like to take socially engaging initiatives to reach out to the student body population regarding that. In addition, to put on workshops, seminars, and more fun filled events.

In my free time, I like cooking and whipping up new creations in the kitchen.