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The special resolution "New Bylaws and Constitution" was approved by the membership at the General Meeting held on July 20th, 2017. A special thank you to all members who came out to attend the meeting.
  • Notice of Referendum

    - The polling location has been changed to the Main Foyer of Building "A"
    - Ballot Counting will take immediately after the polls close

  • Every year there are close to 200 million cases of malaria, causing close to 600,000 malaria-related deaths. LSU supports Plan International Canada Spread the Net initiative.
    Students have told us they want more from their Students' Union, and we’re listening!
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    • Discount Retail Cards Available at the LSU

      Discount Retail Cards Available at the LSU
      Students' Price Cards (SPC) are being sold at the LSU front desk for $9.53 GST included. Visit the SPC website to learn more about your savings and come by the LSU to pickup your SPC card.
    • LSU Bike Shop

      LSU Bike Shop
      Ride hassle free with complimentary tune-ups or bike repairs at the LSU Bike Shop
    • Rent a Locker

      Rent a Locker
      If you are feeling weighed down with heavy backpacks or need a break from your books, come to the LSU and rent a locker. Your back will love you for it.
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